Should you opt for re-roofing or a roof-over?

Like most home improvement projects, roof replacement can also be pretty costly. This is why most people go for a cheaper option and save money by choosing to roof over. This means that your roofing contractor would place the brand new shingles directly over old shingles. While to some this may seem a viable option and allow them to save money by lowering labor costs in the short term, but the potential problems tend to outweigh the benefits. Roof overs can reduce the life of brand new shingles, due to problems with moisture and heat buildup and problems with moisture. Roof replacement is a better option because it provides a long term solution.

roof replacement

Measure Your Roof Size

Roofing contractors begin their work by measuring the size of your roof and providing an estimate based on the total number of squares of the roofing material that will be required. A square is measured as the amount of roofing material required to cover 100 square feet, so if your roof requires 20 squares, it means that it has 2,000 square feet of total surface area that needs to be covered.


One important element that contributes to the long life of roofs is their proper ventilation system. You should ensure that your roof system offers ideal ventilation that can modulate attic temperatures during hot summers and also minimize moisture build up in the winters. Make sure to ask your contractor about the kind of ventilation provided by them to ensure your roof lasts for a long time.

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