Roofing replacement is not just about nailing down numerous layers of shingles. With time, innovative roofing technologies have been introduced that utilize advanced material technology and implement an integrated system approach that is aimed at protecting your home.

If you are located in Frederick County or surrounding areas, Frederick Roofers are the most experienced and sought after roofing contractors in town.Installing a brand new shingle roof is not an easy task, it is a huge commitment. Being a homeowner who is considering a roof replacement, you need to understand the entire process of re-roofing from start to finish. The re-roofing process starts with roof assessment by a qualified contractor from Frederick Roofers, comparing of estimates and project plan provided by your contractor with a list of expenses.

roof replacement

Below are the steps to a re-roofing process that is guaranteed to give you the most durable roof.

Whether you are planning to replace a shingle, metal roof or slate, the surface preparation is exactly the same for all types of roofing:

1. Protection of Property

Before starting the re-roofing process, the roofers ensure that your entire property is fully protected. They make sure the walls, plants, bushes, siding are all well-protected.

2. Removal Of Old Shingles and Roofing Material

Roofers completely remove the old shingles from the rooftop in order to carefully inspect wood decking.

3. Roofing Inspection

Roofers begin a thorough inspection of the wood decking. Any rotted, soft or wet wood needs to be completely removed and replaced in order to create a solid base for the new roofing structure.

4. Preparation of Roof Surface for Installation of Shingles

Once the roof has been inspected and cleared off old roofing material, shingles are installed layer by layer.

5. Installation of New Roofing Material

Once the shingles have been installed, roofers start laying out new roofing material, which is followed by counter flashing, ridge vents and later ridge capping installation, as required.

Frederick Roofers is committed to helping you with your upcoming roof replacement project. Get in touch with us today!

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