Are you wondering if it’s time to replace your old roof? The majority of the homeowners in the US figure that they need a roof replacement when they spot a leak in the ceiling. The leak could be due to various roofing problems that need to be addressed urgently.

If your roof is too old, you need to protect your home from a myriad of natural threats. Sunlight, inclement weather, and heavy rain all pose a huge risk to your home and over time, could become threats to the roof. As a homeowner, it is very important that you recognize potential signs that indicate the need for an urgent roof replacement.

Following are warning signs that will help you determine how urgently you need a new roof:

1. The Age of Roof

Is your existing asphalt shingle roof too old? Well-built roofs generally last between 20 and 25 years. If the old roof was removed a few years ago, that means a single layer of shingles remains. If that roof was installed over another layer and it has been over 20 years since any repair or replacement was done, you definitely need a new roof.

2. The Roof has got Streaks or Dark spots

Dark spots, blotches, and streaks on the roof indicate different forms of water damage. This is extremely dangerous both for your roof, as well as, your home. If you ignore this, it can lead to real structural harm that no one should mess with. If you are going through a similar situation, contact a professional roofing company, such as, Frederick Roofers, that can send its experts to your house to inspect the condition of your roof and assess whether your roof is in urgent need of replacement.

3. Roof Shingles are Curling and Buckling

Buckling refers to hills or indentations. If you find them on your roof, it is a sign of severe damage and calls for urgent roof replacement. If you find the shingles curling up, it is still critical and you can plan on having your roof replaced in the next year or so.

4. Shingles Falling Apart

If you notice that the roof shingles are falling apart or have gone missing in this area, you urgently need a new roof. Roof valleys are the most important areas of the roof. Rain flows through these valleys and into gutters. If the valley is not in good condition, your roof will be more susceptible to leaks.

5. Chimney flashing

If the chimney flashing consists of roof tar or cement, you need to have your roof replaced with a water tight fitting.

If you have noticed any of the signs above, call roofing experts at Frederick Roofers and have it checked today!

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