According to the National Climatic Data Center, more than 5,400 major hail storms occured in 2013. This is the number of times hail could cause roof damage.

Hail storms, heavy snow, high winds, and other natural disasters put your roof at an incredibly high risk. Forunately, however, your home insurance covers the cost for roof damage and offer roof replacement in such cases.

Many homeowners ask whether their insurance covers roof replacement at the time of getting an insurance, since roof replacement is not only costly but a pretty stressful process as well. But knowing that your home insurance will cover the cost in case of emergency gives some serious comfort to the homeowner.

Each insurance policy is different, and there are certain conditions and deciding factors under which your insurance policy will reimburse.

Age of your Roof

The age of your home’s roof is not a deciding factor when it comes to covering the cost of roof damage. But it is certainly used to determine how much yoir insurance company will reimburse you and the type of repairs it will cover.

Roof Replacement

For roofs that are older than 10 years will receive depreciated value of roofing as imbursement rather than the entire cost of a new roof.


There are a few insurance companies that require roof inspects if your roof is more than 20 years old.

How To Know For Sure That You Insurance Will Cover The Cost of Roof Replacement?

The quickest way to find out the answer to this question is to get in touch with your agent directly. Your insurance repair contractor can provide you all the information and assistance you need to better understand insurance coverage for necessary repairs, as well as, the cost to fix them. If you are located in Maryland, you can also get in touch with your roofing contractor at Frederick Roofers who will guide you about the best insurance company in the state.

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