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Metal roofs have been in use for centuries, as they provide an ideal solution to a variety of complex roofs, with accent pieces and low slope areas.

The best feature of metal roofs is that they are maintenance free. They require only one-time maintenance which is painting when the factory-applied paint fades after 30 to 35 years.

If you have low slope roof, metal roofing is the best option, since it can easily handle roof slopes that are as low as 1/12. You can find metal roofs installed on homes that are 200 years old and still remain in perfect condition. The reason why these roofs are able to last that long is the attention paid to each and every detail in their production phase.


There is a general misconception about metal roofs that they are comparatively more noisier than other roofing materials. When they are installed with solid sheathing, metal roof will actually bring down the noise of hail, rain, and bad weather.


Metal roofing systems today are produced from sturdy material and are built to last. They are coated with a metallic coating made of a combination of aluminum and zinc. This metallic coating is strong and prevents metal shingles from forming rust. After the coating, paint is applied over the shingles to provide long-lasting color.

Roof Replacement


A metal roof protects your home from a lightning strike. It disperses the energy safely and efficiently throughout the structure. Since metal roofs are not combustible or flammable, they have a low risk and considered an ideal roofing option in places where the weather is severe throughout the year.

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