Your roof forms your first line of defense against the harsh sun, heavy rain, and strong winds. Even after taking a beating around the calendar, it stays over your head, protecting you and your family. But sometimes, harsh weather events, like a storm, can break the defense, leading to considerable damage. 

Dealing with such circumstances can be difficult but not impossible. These tips will help you in dealing with storm damage on your roof. 

  • Check your property thoroughly 

A visual inspection of your room and property will help you spot the issues and assess the requirement of storm damage repairs Frederick MD

Start by inspecting your attic for signs of leaks. Look for streaks, wet spots, or rotted wood. Sun rays peeking through your roof is a sign of a loose or missing shingle. Closely survey the visible parts of your roof to spot gross damage. 

Check ceilings and walls for water stains, mold and mildew, trials of moisture, and cracked paint. 

Once you have checked inside, go outside and check fallen tree limbs on the roof. Look on the ground for broken shingles, metal flashings, or nails that may have blown off the roof. Inspect visible roof areas to spot damage. 

  • Call a professional for an inspection 

While you can easily scrutinize the areas of the roof that are easily visible, do not attempt climbing on the roof for further inspection, as it can be risky. Trust experts with that. 

Call professional services for a thorough roof inspection. These services, with their experience, expertise, and special equipment, inspect every inch of your roof assessing the damage.  

  • Reach out to your insurance agent 

If your roof is severely damaged by a storm, you can file a claim. Contact your insurance agent to initiate the roof damage insurance claim process. 

For filing an insurance claim, you will need-

  • Photographs of any visible damage. Your professional inspector will click pictures of the damaged roof for you. 
  • Document resultant issues, for instance, water-logged furniture, new roof leaks, etc. 
  • Gather a few roof replacement or repair estimates from reputed roofers in Frederick MD to roughly get an idea of the costs involved. Getting an estimate will help you negotiate with the insurance company. 
  • Hire a professional roofer 

If a storm has caused considerable damage to your roof, do not take much time in hiring a professional roofing company for necessary repairs or replacement. Any delay in this respect can make way for more complicated and expensive issues, such as mold and mildew growth, rotting wood, and structural damage weakening the foundation of your home. 

While selecting a roofer, take their credentials, experience, and track record into account. 

You can seek recommendations from your family or friends and check the online reviews of your potential roofers before hiring them.

The Bottom Line 

Staying proactive with roof maintenance and repair is the best way to prevent costly storm damages. But if your roof has already succumbed, use these tips to revitalize it.

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